Client: Water Mark

Style: 2D Cartoon Animation

Length: 59 seconds

Language: English

Video Scripts:

If you’re a photographer, small business owner or someone who posts photos and videos online, what is your big concern?

Having your content stolen and copied without permission.

What if you could not only help protect your content, but also brand it at the same time?

Introducing Watermark.

Watermark is an online app that offers a quick and easy way to watermark your photos and videos fast

Impressing your logo and watermarking content provides proof of ownership while building brand recognition.

Unlike typical software that is clunky, complex and hard to navigate, Watermark is simple and powerful,  allowing you to edit multiple files at once and choose from the vast set of tools to empower yourself with all your photo and video editing needs.

Whether you use your PC, tablet or your smartphone, you can watermark your files anywhere and process them in real time.

So what are you waiting for? Start protecting and branding your content today.

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