Style: 2D Cartoon Animation

Length: 54 seconds

Client: Trip Commander

Language: English

Video Script:

This is Chris; he travels a lot for business and vacation. Like most of us, he travels mostly by car, but instead of taking a bunch of time to plan out his road trips or winging it along the way chris and a growing number of us are choosing to take Command of our Trip with Trip Commander.

Trip Commander makes it unbelievably easy to plan and pay for all-inclusive road trips conveniently from your phone.

Simply pick a start and end point ,choose to either manually pick your stopping points or have Trip Commander pick the stops, add and pay for services and fun along the route and be on your way!

Trip Commander will make sure you keep your tank filled and you know what the weather along the route is.

Trip Commander also gives you the option to share your trip with friends and family so they can experience the trip with you or on their own.

Next time you travel, you know what to do- Take Command of your Trip. Use Trip Commander.