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Surge offers music education over internet by giving music lessons using Skype calls to all age groups.

Surge Music Tution - Private Music School  Video Script

The Internet It’s given us Facebook, Grumpy Cat, Gangnam Style and that Bieber kid. But it’s also given us some pretty good stuff too. Like video conferencing. You can talk to someone here, when you’re allll the way over here. School’s are doing it, universities are doing it, businesses are doing it...heck, even your Nan’s doing it. And now we want to do it. We’re Surge, the future of music education. Traditionally, if you wanted to learn an instrument, you’d have to be taught by a family friend or go to your local music school. But at Surge, we’re giving you lessons wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection, a Skype account, the device of your choice, and of course, your instrument. Video conferencing your music lesson is just like a regular lesson, only better, because you’re in control of your own environment. It’s more convenient, more accessible, there’s less travel time, and you can avoid those, shall we say, awkward waiting room situations. We teach all ages, and don't feel like you need experience. We've got you covered. Whether you want to rock out in your room, play around the campfire, or take it to the stage, we’ll give you the skills. Surge: teaching music wherever you are.
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