Stamegna Retail Management connects buyers with sellers to facilitate the process of roll out of exciting new consumer products on the European continent.

Cut The Customer Chasing Process Out Of Your Business:

Stamegna Retail Management helps you make the best of your time by decreasing your management time and your costs while guaranteeing well-organised meetings with qualified companies.

What Does Stamegna Retail Management do?

Stamegna Retail Management connects buyers with a seller to help to roll out the new consumer product meet face to face with established industry buyers and experienced peer professionals and super-charge your business networking in just a couple of days.

Our planned meetings schedule is tailored to your business and travel requirements- just let us know. Stamegna takes care of the industry network so you can take care of the business relationship.

Here Are Few Advantages To Work With Us:

  • Organization: Managed, prescheduled 30minute meeting with each buyer.
  • Atmosphere: We guarantee a professional, quality environment to the network.
  • Certainty: You know exactly which buyer you will meet and at what time.
  • Money Saving: Cut your customer chasing budget to one registration fee.
  • Time Saving: Meet all distributors and retailers in one place at one time.
  • Increase sales: Pitch to max no. of buyers in the least possible time-frame.

We facilitate one to one meetings to help our clients get better than their competitors and get them in the market faster.
We help you to meet face to face industry buyers and experienced professionals that charge up your business in just a few days so don’t miss your role and get your self-registered soon.

Network of Stamegna Retail Management

Stamegna set-up over 12500 meetings between FMCG professionals worldwide only last year.
We keep our client’s businesses as the first priority. we reach out to new companies including leading manufacturers and top retail chains every year to guarantee you a wide network.