Sane Box Email Management Tool

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Sane Box Email Management Tool

Sane Box Email Management Tool is a powerful email management tool. Video is created by SaneBox works on top of your email account. It prioritizes important emails and summarizes the rest. Nothing to download, install or learn – it just works.

Make email work for you with Sane Box Email Management Tool:

Sane Box Email Management Tool offers a full suite of productivity features to help you fly through your inbox. it helps you to keep you updated with the important emails . You just need to log in once and create an account and the rest is done by Sane Box Email Management Tool. it will make a list of all the important email in one section and other other junks in another section so that you can easily access your mail in a go.

 Sane Box Email Management Tool-Script

Large attachments can be a pain in your email account. They fill up your quota, are hard to find, and take a while to download and forward, especially on mobile devices. Sane Box Email Management Tool fixes this problem by automatically placing your attachments on Dropbox and adding a link to those files in the email itself. You can forward the email as you normally would, or just send someone the link. Here's how it works. First link your account to Dropbox by clicking on the Dropbox icon on your Sanebox Settings page. Click the "Save to Dropbox" checkbox to start saving your attachments to Dropbox. If you check "Remove Attachments", we will remove them from your emails. If not - we will keep the files attached to the email, in addition to the Dropbox link. This way you have them in both places. By default, we only do this with attachments larger than 250 kilobytes, but you can raise that threshold if you choose. And just to be on the safe side, we put the original email with the attachments into the SaneOldAttachment folder. They will be moved to Trash after 30 days by default, which you can change

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