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Client: iRecruit

Language: English.

Video Script:

How do companies recruit candidates for new openings?

Writing and re-writing job ads?

Organizing and selecting thousands of resumes?

Conducting non-stop interviews?

No wonder the current recruitment process is so stressful & expensive!

It’s time to make something that has always been time consuming and difficult – simple, fast, affordable and accurate.

It’s time to switch to a revolutionary new technology that is bringing the next big change in recruitment:

iRecruit – an innovative app that uses advanced algorithms to simplify the recruitment process and provide companies with the best candidates for the job.

As an employer, you’ll never have to write daunting ads, nor attempt to sift through hundreds of resumes & sit through interview after interview.

With iRecruit, all you have to do is create an opening position by selecting the parameters that describe the ideal candidate: from skills to experience and even personality.

As a candidate, forget about creating resumes or searching and applying to hundreds of jobs.

The iRecruit Profile Builder allows you to quickly create your profile, like it’s a game.

From here on, The Perfect Match System does all the work, matching candidates with positions.

And it’s not just a simple “match”.

iRecruit is powered by a proprietary algorithm that combines skills, experience, demographics, personality, psychometric & social parameters to guarantee the best match possible.

And the best part?

iRecruit gives the power to both the employer and the talent to make the final choice. The most important matches are fed to you on our swipe screen, so you can quickly swipe right to connect or left to go next!

It’s that Easy!

Employers save tens of thousands of dollars on recruitment agency fees, ads and wasted time, while getting the most accurate matches.

On the other side, candidates have their dream job knocking on their door!

With an attractive and intuitive interface, iRecruit is the simplest to use, yet most advanced platform for recruitment ever created.

iRecruit–the future is here.

Find. Connect. Select.