Style: 2D Cartoon Animation

Length: 1 Minute

Client: Blind Hangers

Language: English

Video Script:

So, you have an apartment or home, there’s one accessory than can make your home, well, more homey.

And that’s window coverings.

Window coverings are functional and come in all types and decorative styles.

But, no matter what kind of window coverings you’re installed, they all have mechanical components which… break.

When that happens, it can be frustrating trying to find someone reliable to repair them.

Well, there’s good news.

Just contact Vinny Blind Hangars.

Vinny Blind Hangars will be able to repair and rehang your window coverings right in your home, on your schedule and guarantee the work..

Vinny  has been selling, installing, and repairing window coverings for more than 13 years and has even worked with many builders and interior designers.

And, if you need new blinds, shades, shutters or custom drapery, you will get what you desire at the best price and installed correctly through Vinny Blind Hangars.

So, if you’re interested in ordering or repairing window coverings, contact Vinny Blind Hangers right now.

contact Vinny The Blinds Hanger at 954-274-3051 or Visit us online at