Rules of Engagement: Why Your Business Needs to Create an Intro Video

image01 When a visitor lands on your homepage, it is important to grab their attention immediately. A short, concise and entertaining intro video can create a unique impact on your customers. It is important to keep focused on a central idea and create an intro video that will guarantee customer return and generation of leads. Here are some ideas on the importance of an intro video: Engagement and connection: These types of videos can contain your firms individual personality and display to your viewers what it’s like to work with your company. These videos can contain valuable information on your business, show the inner workings of your business, as well as display the unique culture of your firm. Perception, appraisal of meaning, evaluation, and emotional response can be achieved through the use of rich content in your intro video. Provide viewers with direction: Once viewers and potential customers have made it to your homepage, they often don’t know where on your site to explore next. An intro video can feature your product in use or service in action, this will point potential customers in the right direction on your site. Give customers a reason to share: Potential lead capture is an important thing to consider when implementing an intro video. Studies show that %30 of your customers will click and view your video, 50% will watch the video in its entirety and share. Social media is a powerful tool and allowing for links to share your video will direct potentially unreachable customers to your site. Conclusion: It is important to select the right company to handle your intro video. Since your intro video will be the first thing a potential customer sees on your site, it is important to put your intro video in the hands of a professional video explainer video firm.
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