Client: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Country: United State America


Style: Whiteboard animation

Length: 51 seconds

Target audience: Early Career Engineers 

Language: English

Video Description:

The video is about connecting with young early career audience, who wanted to pursue their career at NASA and how EP division help them to get closer to their goals. Why EP division is so fascinating to work in building successful engineering career.

Moreover, the video presentation is created for NASA Engineering Orientation Training Where they will train the engineers who recently joined NASA and will be sharing and giving them training about projects, core competencies, staff, branches organization, portfolio, and developmental opportunities.


Video Script:

Working at NASA is, for some, just a dream.

For you, it’s your career path onwards.

And as you sit and look at the possibilities that lie ahead, you cannot but wonder what would be the best opportunity.

Chances are you’re here because you want to make a difference.

You want to be among the ones which advance us to our final destination – the Red Planet …Mars.

The EP division is the one that can spark your dream and pave the way forward, as a whole.

For human exploration, everything starts with propulsion, power and pyrotechnics.

Without it, there would be no space missions or moving forward.

And if you look at it like that, it becomes empowering, as EP fuels your career dreams.

EP combines fun and passion with the challenges of creating something meaningful, starting with propulsion, power and pyrotechnics.

With EP, you get the best of both worlds: one which will make a better you and two which will make a better tomorrow for all of us.

EP offers unique experiences and compelling work so you can start making a difference and contributing to NASA Human Rated Missions.

Join EP and watch your career launch to the destination you’ve always envisioned: Planet Success. Fireworks included!