3 Tip For Website conversion best practices using video

image09 Adding videos to your website comes with a variety of benefits. A video can increase brand to customer engagement, it gives a brand the opportunity to promote the use of QR codes and online discounts, and one of the biggest impacts video can have for a business is on conversion rates. Conversions create more sales, revenue, and most importantly, the potential to create repeat customers. But don’t just think that by throwing a video on the front page of your website you’ll see a drastic spike in conversions. Although this would be nice, it doesn’t necessarily work like that. But it can be simple. Here are 3 simple website conversion best practices using video. Optimize for SEO Adding videos to product and/or service pages provides more of an opportunity for that particular page to be indexed by the major search engines. Because of this, you should always perform optimization on videos to improve SEO and the potential to be seen by casual web browsers. The ranking of a video is determined by a number of factors, such as: Backlinks Date added Rating and flagging (when/if applicable) View count Number of comments and shares Meta data such as the video title and description tags While some of these factors are out of your control, some are not, and so adjustments can and should be made if you want a particular page to have a fighting chance of getting a high page rank. Embed Videos Into Product/Service Pages Not only is embedding your explainer videos into product or service pages healthy in terms of SEO, but it also carries the potential to greatly improve the user experience. This is because of instead of the user having to wait through an annoying pop-up video, they can browse the rest of the page while still remaining focused on the video. Also, embedded videos tend to load more quickly than video re-directs or pop-ups. The user can even add a product or service to their cart while they’re watching your product in action. Thumbnails Matter Sure, the static play icon can work like a charm as your video thumbnail, but what if a simple change could bring in twice the amount of viewers? One website saw twice as many people click on their homepage video when they changed the thumbnail from the generic play icon to a black screen with white lettering that read “Watch this video because it’s only 2:18 long”. Simply telling the user to watch the video triggered an automatic compliance response that brought in more video views, and along with it, the potential for a higher number of conversions. Never under look this particular aspect of video and do your own testing on what works with your video thumbnails. Conclusion: Converting visitors is one of the single greatest benefits of using video, and without it, you are essentially putting a hole into your entire marketing strategy. Want to know more about the power of video and why it’s the future? Feel free to contact us right away for more information.
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