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Tell us about your project and get FREE consultation from our Experts

Tell us about your project and get FREE consultation from our Experts

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Fuse media is a video company. Its production team helps businesses to build the brand and convey the brand story in engaging way through online video. It focuses on creating video solutions that give result to its clients.


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Divorcio is a Brazilian company that offers online service for consensual divorce to couples, who have been married in Brazil.

Divorcio allows services to couples who at some point do not agree or have children less than 18 years. It offers an eligibility test which the customer has to go through and after clearing the test they get to align with the local lawyers.

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Why Explainer video

We create Explainer videos Why you should use explainer video for your product Marketing? You should be pondering over this question. Well the answer to this is really deep. Explainer video’s trend is increasing day by day. It has become the most powerful marketing and promoting tool. If you are not using it, then you must see your competitors. They must be using it and enjoying its advantages. According to the facts, explainer videos increase the understanding level of people by 74%. 90% of users say that explainer video helps them in buying process. So do you get what I mean to say by mentioning these facts? I want to show you that from the marketing point of view, Explainer video is really important for your business. It plays an integral role in branding. It really impacts the consumer’s mind. It affects their decision making about using a product/service. It helps in making brand associations in customers’ minds. It enables to make and enhance brand image. Moreover, these days the attention span of viewers is really short. They just give few seconds to watch a video or to read a text. In few seconds, they get the message more easily by explainer video as compared to reading text details. Explainer video is a short brief 2 min video that gives information about product/service. The information can vary from listing the product/service features to explaining them in detail. It uses animations, colors, moving visuals, background music, characters, voice over and compelling story to deliver the marketing message. Explainer video gives the opportunity to inform and educate customers about your product/service in a very attractive and appealing way. It enables people to retain your product/service. There are many video styles that can be used for different products/services. The impact of explainer video depends upon the components of the video, the video length and Video Style. If you come up with a great explainer video then it would increase your conversion rates, increase your traffic and eventually increase your sales.

Tell us about your project and get FREE consultation from our Experts


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